With the landing of Lunik on our satellite* astral light has exploded for mankind.
Free from terrestrial routine and the fragmentary, overcoming the monocular limits of
three-dimensional space, open to the continual flux of nature, beyond the purism of abstraction.


1) We conceive the artwork – be it painting, sculpture, architecture or city planning –
in relation to the current aspirations of the new cosmic energy.

2) We assert that there is grace and beauty in the luminous force of the immutable
essence, in the renewal of form, in the invention of the new image.
We feel that we are capable of realizing the aspirations of modern humanity.

3) We open our souls to greater cosmogonic knowledge, disenchanted with appearances,
in the energy of the absolute, projected into ASTRALISM.

4) We paint, with violent bursts of creation, the exciting architecture of lunar stations, the
simultaneous play of revelations freed from unconditioned traditionalism.

Rome, 14 September 1959
Sante Monachesi
Claudio del Sole
Alessandro Trotti
Saverio Ungheri
Grazioso David



*A reference to the Soviet Luna 2 spacecraft, which hit the surface of the moon on 13 September 1959 – one
day before the drafting of this manifesto.